11 definitions by Mandie

Where girls drip in Juicy and Prada, and the guy wear Diesel a lotta.
Where Beast and Everclear are considered the best, fake ID's aren't put to the test.
Ohhmygawdd, did you see her? She is such an Emory girl.
by Mandie December 01, 2003
Word commonly used in place of "definetly"...most often heard when in the presence of Julie and Mandie
Julie- Getting drunk later, though?

Mandie- Def.
by Mandie February 18, 2005
related to the word minute. meaning a really long time.
Wow! I haven\'t heard that word in a mile.
by Mandie April 26, 2005
A really funny person who is TOTALLY OBSESSED with a REALLY HOTT guy named Matt!!!!!!!!!
Mandie loves Matt forever and ever!!!!
by Mandie January 09, 2004
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