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A school where there is zero freedom, for kids who want to go into the health profession, where AP score sheets get lost everyday (but it doesn't even matter because they don't accept AP credit). The actual size of the school is about the size of your house. At this wonderful institution there is no gym, no pool, no sports teams (except cheerleading), no bookstore, no cafeteria, and barely enough dorms for the freshman alone. That's why we mooch off of all the other schools around us.

The student body is 70% composed of GIRLS, and of the 30% of guys that go here, only a good third of them are cute... and that is why the girls have to march all the way to Wentworth to mooch off THEIR guys.

The school is very health conscious and so they make sure their students get 10000 shots before school starts, give out free flu vaccines occasionally for extra precaution, put weird things into our food so we "don't get food poisoning" and give out kleenex and hand sanitizer in their Welcome Back To School gift-bags! GO MCPHS!
Teacher: So where are going to college?
Teacher: What's that stand for?
Kid: *long sigh and deep breath* Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences!
Teacher: Oh.. that sounds nice..
by Mandarthum September 02, 2009

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