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Philadelphia slang word used to describe a female who is currently attending or graduated from Hallahan High School. Since most of the girls atttending or who have attended Hallahan are from the Roxborough section of Philadelphia the term goes hand and hand with White Trash. They can typically be identified by there giant gold hoop ear rings, trashy highlights, and there strange fondness for oversized plain white T-Shirts.
Hey did you see that group of Hallaho's hanging on the corner of Ridge ave?
by Manayunk Yuppie February 20, 2007
A section of Philadelphia inhabited by poor Blue Collar people born of low stock. The Roxborough people are generally poorly educated , since they received there so called education at Hallahan, and if they actually do graduate High School the percentage of them who go onto college to better than selves is less than 1%. The men usually never amount to anything more than a union laborer or a floor clerk at home depot. The women (aka hallaho's) fare even worse and usually can hope to be nothing more than a Waitress at Applebee's or a secretary if there lucky.
The exact Geogrphic boundaries of Roxborough are somewhat disputed since it borders the wealthy suburbs and the upper Middle class Philadelphia Neighborhood of Manayunk. (everyone wants it far away from them as possible) But a general rule of thumb for its boundaries could be The width of the area from Henry Ave crossing over to Pechin st and the length extending from the city limits down to Wisahicken station.

76 was closed so i had to drive down Ridge ave thru Roxborough to get to center city. I saw more trash than a lanfill in that place!
by Manayunk Yuppie February 20, 2007
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