9 definitions by Manave Eru Sulanul

Manwe, Lord of the Valar and king of Arda, called Sulimo, wind lord in Tolkien's Mythology. Manwe is closest to the will of Eru and counted mightiest of all the Valar save Melkor who now is chained in the void without and is called Morgoth.
"Manwe was lord of the winds and makes his home in fair Valinor."
by Manave Eru Sulanul July 05, 2004
Aule, counted among the mighty Valar he was a master of the material of the earth and was a great craftsman in Tolkien's mythology.
"Aule was creator of the 7 fathers of the dwarves but eru breathed life into them."
by Manave Eru Sulanul July 05, 2004

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