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The act of making love to a woman (normally your partner or wife) whereby you play the role of a "Considerate Lover"

In this role the man does everything he can to replicate great romantic scenes from history such as "the rug scene" from The Notebook.

During foreplay and intercourse you are likely to hear the male say "Is that OK for you?" , "Do you want me to slow down?" and "I just want to make you happy"

Female phrases are likely to be "Is it in yet?", "Faster / Harder" and "Just F*ck me"

After intercourse it is a token gesture for the male to run his hands through the ladies hair accompanied by a slow kiss on the forehead.
Jon: I came in last night and passed Andrew's room, all I could hear was "Is that OK for you?" followed by lots of slow kissing.

Phil: He's a textbook Considerate Lover, He wishes he was Jack from Titantic. Bet he was undertaking some serious bean flicking! Boo Ya!

Jon: I consider him to be a fag.
by ManChildLF August 03, 2010

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