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A golden manbaby is precious currency on the internet. It is only awarded for acts of stupendous heroism that put superman to shame, or for creating awesome websites or forum threads. One golden manbaby is a large sum of money on the internet, however, there is a prize much greater than that. It is much sought after, and very rarely given. That's right, FIVE golden manbabies. Only the rulers of the internet can afford to give such an award, and those who recieve it are truly blessed.
Xmaskinman: <creates awesome thread>
RULER OF THE INTERNET #1: Excellent thread. Five golden manbabies for you!
Xmaskinman: I'M RICH!!! <creates another awesome thread about recieving golden manbabies>
Sheer stupidity. Even worse than the :), ;), and >:( combined. Used by those truly unfortunate souls who are both unintelligent AND unpopular. Users tend to be either asian; or, more commonly, fat and lonely anime nerds. May also use "leetspeak," which is just as bad.
SSSJVegeta04958939: I f0und th15 4\/\/350/\/\3! 1337 DBZ h3nt41 s1t3!
Normalmcnormalson: Um. Okay. Have fun with that. Leave me alone.
SSSJVegeta04958939: Ch3ckz0rz 1t 0ut! ^_^

Normalmcnormalson has added SSSJVegeta04958939 to his block list.

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