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The maestro of lyricism, the genius' of jizzm, might as well base a religion on 'em, they think through every line to the scale of quantum physics down to the atom, what you think doesn't matter, they're the maddest of the hatters, the gamest of the players, shot down all the nay-sayers, their beats are many in layers, the fantastic two may I present to you:

Sven Barth and Induce are: Casual Sax and the Saxual Revolution!
Next up is Casual Sax, with their number one hit in lyric: Baby I'm Black (From the Waist Down)
by man oh mann October 08, 2009
Rap that focuses on lyricism, where the beats are of equal or lower importance than the words themselves. Common among most modern day rappers, examples include the likes of Eminem, Mobb Deep, and Notorious B.I.G.
Rapper 1: I was listening to my man, Eminem, the other day.

Rapper 2: Oh really?

Rapper 1: Yeah, that shit is some words rap right there.
by Man oh mann October 06, 2009
Quite possibly the best song ever, by the rap group The Casual Sax & the Saxual Revolution on the album The Blow Sven Theory. The Casual Sax consists of Sven Barth and Induce Are, and the song features Frontz Sinatra.
I talk a lot of things
I've seen a lot of stuff
But what I really want to do is finger bang your fucking muff
I wanna dig my finger out and put it in your mouth
I get you so wet you flood the goddamn house
You think I'm talkin' dirty
But when you start to jerk me
All I do is make sure you ain't got the herpes
But it's ok babe
You know I got 'em too
I get you so excited that you can't control your poo

Girl I got this big ol' boner and I know you are a groaner
and yo momma's name is moaner she can get down if she wanna
We can watch some movie eat some popcorn
Girl I got porn in a bag in the backseat of my dots-on
Girl I don't care if you wanna pull your hair
I'm a freak in the sheets even eat yo underwear
I wanna squirt up in that skirt
Got that thang that you can jerk
Girl I'm down with 8 sheas if you want to make it work

I got a handlebar mustache
Promise not to bust fast
If I ride it from behind my balls are gonna touch ass
Please don't be no snooty whore
I'll pee up in your booty hole
Assassinate an ass
Yes it's kinda like my duty-o
Your room mate is a cutie-o
I met her at the studio
I feed her plenty roofies then I kicked her in the cooty-hole

You don't know where the hell I've been
My balls are full of melon in and then hacky sack her with my weiner
Go ahead and tell a friend

Baby I'm Black (From the Waist Down)
Got a dong
And I wanna
Lay it on ya
by man oh mann October 07, 2009

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