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1 definition by Man La Pig

Crappy football team. All of their best players take steriods. All Chargers fans think that their team is one of the best ever even though they've never actually won anything. Chargers players and fans cry about anything that doesn't go their way.

Major bandwagoners. Everyone claims to have been a chargers fan their whole life too which is absolute bullshit.

Their fans are jealous of every other afc west team's (especially the raiders) super bowl championships. They're so despirate to win one that they give steriods to all their players (Merriman and Cooper). And don't even try to say LT's not on 'roids cuz he has muscles in his fukin neck.

Fans are all bandwagoners who think they are the greatest football franchise ever even though 4 years ago the whole league laughed at how bad they sucked and fans were afraid to admit that they liked the team.
Curt: " Raiders suck! Go Chargers baby!"

Someone who actually watches football: "Fuck the Chargers they suck!"

Curt: "Oh yeah when was the last time they made it to the Super Bowl?"

Someone who actually watches football: "2003 you'd know that if you watched football cuz it was played here dumbass. When have the Chargers ever won it? Oh yeah they haven't."

Curt: "That doesn't matter they were 12-4 last season and this year they're going all the way!"

Someone who actually watches football: "You're a fuckin idiot."

San Diego Chargers
by Man La Pig August 17, 2008