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informal,noun,means cunt in persian language.
1 A pretty woman.
2 Nonsense,rubbish.
1 Look at that pretty girl,she's such a kos.
2 Hey man,don't said kos anymore!
by Mamrez Erfani April 19, 2008
In farsi/persian language koon means ass and goshad means wide,wide ass is word to word translation,it means lazy.
jack,come on and help me to make something for dinner,how koon goshad you are!
by Mamrez Erfani April 16, 2008
1 Somebody who indifferent to others.
2 A funny statement which closet friends said to each other.

koon means ass in persian,talagh tulugh is a noise of something metals rubbed like pistons in cars.
1 How about jack the koon talagh tulugh? Do you see him anyway?
2 Take my T-shirt jack,koon talagh tulugh!
by Mamrez Erfani April 16, 2008
Farsi slang,noun,means whore.A woman who intercourse with men,easy and without money deal.
Hey jack, Sue need a man for weekend,she's a nice bezaar.
by Mamrez Erfani April 18, 2008
Farsi word,means meat.In urban language means pretty young woman.
Hey javad,who's that girl? Isn't she Mali? She's such a goosht.
by Mamrez Erfani April 30, 2008
A man with female tendencies,khaahar in farsi means sister.
I hate eva khaahars,they're disgusting.
by Mamrez Erfani May 06, 2008
Opium,taryak's abbreviation.
I wanna 25 grams of best quality tal.
by Mamrez Erfani May 06, 2008

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