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It's a term to describe the way a lady looks while still maintaining respect for her.

It means that she's dressed well and has the confidence to wear it.

Her head's up, shoulder's squared, and eyes have a strong stare.

A stount girl will make you smile for the simple fact that you need it. Then, that stount girl will kill it and eat it.
"Oh dat girl was lookin' straight stount last night!"

Yeah, boi! Her confidence was a stain you can't wipe off!
by mamma murder September 07, 2010
A person whose skin is sickly white.
I only come out after dark--got to keep my vampire tan.
by mamma murder December 05, 2010
slang term for making something from "scratch".
"Yeah, dude--I'm baking some oatmeal raisin cookies from the skreezies!"
by mamma murder December 14, 2010
slang term for, "freezer burn".
Uh, I don't know if you want this--there's freezer fur all over it.
by mamma murder December 12, 2010
Acronym for, "ain't quite right" syndrome.

Mamasaur says that it is more polite to say these three letters when in uncertain company to describe a socially inept loser than to stoop low and use a curse word or other easily recognizable insult.
"Yeah, you know--he's got a little bit of the a.q.r. syndrome," said Mamasaur to her daughter.
by mamma murder January 22, 2011
slang term for murder.
If hip-hop dies before I wake up--I'd put in an extended clip, roll into the station and wreck the DJ.
by mamma murder November 14, 2010
In the South along the Mississippi River, a Tom Sawyer is a lynched black man hanging from a tree whose roots are in the river--making the tree seemingly grow from the riverbed.
Mark Twain should change his name because he ain't that deep. The real Tom Sawyer was in need of a lawyer before he took the dead man's leap.
by Mamma Murder May 14, 2010

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