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(N) A neologism of "spill-your-sauce" and it is only called spauce when you whack off or have sex in someone else's house without their permission.

It is an insult to spauce in someone's house and not pay them money.
"DUDE! It's $10 to spauce in our house! Cash only!"
by Mamma Murder May 12, 2010
phrase used to aid the navigation of a car upon missing a turn.
Flip a shitty up here--we missed the entrance.
by mamma murder August 17, 2010
A girl that has a rockin' body but has some oddity that lowers her self esteem enough to agree to date a guy like you.
Yeah, sure she's had a c-section and the left side of her face hangs a little lower than the right--she's gettable, though, dude!
by mamma murder September 09, 2010
It's summertime in Michigan and you find yourself in the woods.

Here's what you do: Bust out a can of Off and offer to spray your friends down, then tell them to line their shoes up--because they'll be needing them later.

There you have it!

You've just created your own tactless Holocaust joke to share with your friends.
"Welcome to Offschwitz!" as you shake the can and smile with wild eyes.
by mamma murder July 22, 2010
(phrase) This phrase is used to describe the rotation of a pipe around a group of marijuana smokers. Usually, for convenience, the group will form a circle to pass the pipe but sometimes the group will form a line, thus causing them to pass the pipe in a "straight line circle".
Man, I can't do straight line circles! I always pass it to the wrong person!!
by mamma murder May 28, 2010
American rapper, Too $hort, offers all who are interested, a degree of pimpology.

Pimpmatized is the culmunation of the degree in pimpology.

The rules of being a pimp include (but are not limited to):

1. Never love a bitch or a hoe.

2. Always act cool.

3. Break a bitch (poor or rich)

4. Keep your hoe. (most important)
Come to my school and get pimpmatized!
by mamma murder July 10, 2010
another form of intelligence where communication is possible between two or more people with just the use of eye contact.
All it took was just one look and the two of them knew exactly everything that they needed to say-- in the most seductive sort of way. What happened between them was a "seyelent conversation."
by mamma murder August 11, 2010

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