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Spanish for "Good night" or "Good evening."

"Buenas noches" can be used as a greeting or a farewell. The singular, "Buena noche," is usually used only in farewells or to describe a night, e.g. "Hace una buena noche" (It's a nice night).

It literally means "Good nights." This may come from "Buenas noches nos dé Dios," translated as, "May God give us good nights."
Buenas noches! Cómo has estado?
(Good evening! How have you been?)

Buenas noches! Qué duermas con los angelitos!
(Good night! Sleep tight!) (Literally: Good night! May you dream with the little/precious angels!)

Quería desearte solo buenas noches y recordarte que en mi corazón siempre estas tu. Buenas noches, mi único amor.
(I would like to wish you only good nights and remind you that you'll always be in my heart. Good night, my one and only love.)
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by Mama Jamama January 20, 2012
Literally, Spanish for "Until soon." The meaning is closer to "See you soon!" and is similar to "Hasta luego," "See ya," "Until the next time" (implying that the next time won't be far off).
Qué pases buenas noches! Hasta pronto!
Translation: Have a good night! See you soon!

Hemos platicado dos horas -- debo irme. Hasta pronto...
Translation: We've been talking for two hours -- I should go. See you soon...
#adios #goodbye #bye #asta pronto #hasta luego
by Mama Jamama January 20, 2012
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