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A "sip stealer" is one who after filling his cup at the self help soda fountain. Looks to see if anyone is watching then quickly gulps his drink to make room for more and quickly pumps more soda into his cup.
J.D.was seen standing close to the drink dispenser filling his cup then gulping it down quickly and slyly putting his cup back under the dispenser again as if he was getting it for the first time.What a "Sip Stealer"!
by Mama Geri February 27, 2006
inter-hot-undies is when you sit too long using the internet and your undies end up jammed.
OH! I'm so uncomfortable, after sitting here for 3 hours using the internet my "inter-hot-undies" are in a jam.
by Mama Geri June 20, 2007
bird flew:A verb, the action of a bird flying into the air in the past tense.
Did you know that yesterday my pet bird flew over a country where there is an epidemic of the deadly bird flu.
by Mama Geri May 06, 2006

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