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An instance of Fusalan, also a mind glitch which can lead to monkified mass-hysteria & chronic donkiness.

Related words: Ja monkey, Kwandomky, Fuslawski, A-Manki
1Fasil: I hear the monkey jumped off Liberation Towers
2Fasla: wow, Fusla!
by Mama Fusla July 05, 2004
anysing & anyeveryting
"People that are really very weird can get into sensitive positions and have a tremendous impact on history."
...Governor George W. Bush, Jr.

by Mama Fusla July 10, 2004
Man who jumps out of airplane wearing tight lycra wedgie-tugging suit with supersized sideburns.
A chick was walking down Las Vegas strip when an Elvis with a bad 'chute landed straight on her face.
by Mama Fusla July 07, 2004
1.a place where monkies and donkies can be themselves without getting arrested

2.where stars are born, or burned

3.a figment of your donkey immagination

4. not related to Dogs or Cats, just monkies and donkies.

5. not related to Camping or being Young.

kum pin yang ehaw ehaw is one MegaFusla
kum pin yang ehaw ehaw: where we came, we saw and got intouch with our inner Elbis.
by Mama Fusla July 06, 2004
or what you need to become an arab leader

not necessarily related to luqlooq but could be related, depending on the seriousness of your luqlooq

see kum pin yang ehaw ehaw
puq puq, I am out of luq luq
Bin Ladin is 1 luqqy monkey
by Mama Fusla July 06, 2004
Arabian Fro

fuzzy, messy, uncontrollable, frizzy, grungy, dreaddy, tangled bouncy rounded thickly curled hairdo
Aysha Al Marta is Kishafabulous!
Signs in Cinemas read (control your Kisha's)
Cellphone msg: Network can not be detected, Shift your Kisha.
by Mama Fusla July 05, 2004
mini Fusla
Also, A way to introduce a fellow monkey/donkey to a fellow donkey/monkey.
Have you met my friend Sara McFusla?

check out my McFusla T-shirt, it says "Love your Monkey"
by Mama Fusla July 05, 2004
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