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Shi-fahzd´ What a lady becomes when heavily intoxicated--for a lady, even when drunk, would never be shit-faced.
Does Diana seem a little tipsy after that last round of 'tinis?

Tipsy? She mistook the cat food for paté. My dear, she is positively shi'fazzed!
by Mama Bat November 20, 2010
Adj.--A sketchy suggestion of a rustic style; a dodgy mimicry of the vintage style and appeal of something that is authentically charming due to its age and homespun nature.
Amanda: "I forgot to peel the potatoes in my potato salad."
Mom: "That's okay; that makes it look rusticky."

Danny: "Hey, man...careful with my beer pong table!"
Jake: "Chill...It'll be rusticky."
by Mama Bat November 16, 2010
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