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1 definition by Malte

In Germany, many students play an improved version of dodgeball, in which one person of each team (called "angel") is playing around the other team so he/she can circle around it. Members of the same team can pass the ball to this person so that the attacked team can be confronted not only from one but from every side.
Also after an opponent has caught a ball, the person who has thrown is not out.
The people that did not manage to catch a ball, have to join the "angel". By that, winning is becoming more difficult for the better team.
When one team has only one person left within the field, the "angel" comes in as a reinforcement. He/She then has 2 lives meaning the angel can be hit 2 times by the ball, before he/she is finally out.
The game is often played with softballs.
Try it! It is really much more fun than the old dodgeball and by adding another ball, it can really get crazy
by Malte November 17, 2003