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A person who's quick to criticize the opinions, input, or approach of others in seemingly every aspect of life, so they can correct them by presenting their own input on the topic in an instructive fashion
Amber: "I'll get Jerry some tylenol and-"

Pat: "Such nonsense. When someone feels this way, what they need is chicken noodle soup and crackers. You see, that has all the nutrition they need."

Amber: "Fine! I'll run to the store and pick up some chicken noodle soup so-"

Pat: "ACTUALLY making it from scratch is much more healthy than going to the store. You see, when it's made from scratch, you can add bits of almonds that pep up up the meal."

Amber : "Pat, quit being such a know-it-all and shove it up your ass."
by Malory Henderson July 20, 2008
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