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(also: pantywaist; from Old English for Pantie-Waiste).
1. Panties up to or above the waist. i.e. old person panties.
2. Cumulative waste found in panties.
3. A waste of panties, as in expired panties.
4. The recipient of a wedgie, usually by surprise.
5. Trashed panties, specifically panties in the garbage.
-Oi there, you pug-pounding pantywaste!
-She is such a pantywaist, I simply do not approve.
-Will you have a gander at all of that pantie-waiste, such frivolity, I cannot imagine where you get off.
-I could not enter the forest for the pantywaste abound - some nearly up to my knees! I was forced to turn back.
by Malodomini December 06, 2010
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