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(pronounced: málmø:, also spelled Malmoe, or misspelled Malmo)

Third largest city in Sweden. Located in the very south (Skåne). Conquered by Sweden with the rest of Skåneland in 1658. Area code: 040. The city harbours strong anti-Stockholm sentiments. The people be called Malmöiter (Eng: Malmoeites).

Malmö FF be the best soccer team in Sweden, and the home club of Juventus' Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Half the population is not ethnically Swedish (24% born abroad). Islam be the most practized religion with 16% Malmoeites muslims. FOX News got all upset by this.

Malmoe be struggeling with high unemployment, highest rates of murder and organized crime Sweden, currupt politicians etc, but is actually a nice place.
Malmöit: Yo bitch can we fuck?
Chic: Fuck you you dirty, slow-talking prick!
Malmöit: I be from 040, y'know.
Chic: I'm all yours!

Guy from Stockholm: Hi, I'm from Stockholm.
Malmöit: Click-clack BLAST
Guy from Stockholm: Cough
by Malmöit November 23, 2005

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