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Term used for when affirming a third person's present at a future event (or even yourself).

Derived from when Sonic the Hedgehog was confirmed for the Nintendo Wii game "Super Smash Brothers Brawl", which some people on forums went crazy about by posting "SONIC CONFIRMED FOR BRAWL".
Party Host: "So, is Dave gonna be able to make it tonight?"

Dave: "You coming down the pub tonight?"
by Mallowman87 January 02, 2008
A person who has expressed a liking for you, and who you could (If you are a Virgin) shag if you wanted to, but you feel that:
a) You could do better than that person
b) Don't particularly trust them to take your virginity
c) They're a slut/whore/slag
Dave: "Hey, Mike, How'd things go with you and Katie go last night? I saw you walking upstairs with her..."
Mike: "Haha, not much, dude. We talked for ages but I think she's gonna be my "Get out of virginity free card" for a while"
by Mallowman87 March 01, 2008

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