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Contrary to popular belief, not all mall cops are power hungry people who think they are police officers. If a mall cop is an asshole, it's because he has to deal with people who try to ridicule, insult, & degrade him every time he goes to work just to do his job & make some money.

The job of a mall mall cop can actually be quite frustrating. Aside from dealing with wannabe gangster bitches who think they're funny, you have a list of things that you don't get paid enough to do, such as:

-Drive around slowly while everybody & their mother crawls across the street
-Help idiot parents find their idiot missing kids. This happens DAILY, and makes me instantly like those parents you see walking their kids on leashes like the dogs that they are.
-Respond to potentially dangerous fights. News flash, getting paid $10 an hour is not enough for me to risk my life trying to save some wannabe thug from getting his ass beat just because he doesn't know how to talk to people.
-Write long ass reports every time we do something.
If a mall cop takes you out or gives you some shit, GOOD! You're probably some punk ass teenager who deserved it anyways.. You disrespectful little twat.

I am a mall cop, none of us particularly enjoy our jobs that much and we definitely don't think it's glorious. Most all of us are trying to work elsewhere, and a decent amount of us have military experience (including myself). A job is a job.
Teenage Wannabe Gangster Idiot: *points & laughs* "Haha MALL COP!!"

Mall Cop: *points & laughs* "Haha UNEMPLOYED!!"
by MallCopSuperstar October 07, 2011
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