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A symbol used when conventional firearms just can't reach. The single most annoying 3-key-character in the history of the Internet. Well, maybe beside lol
by Malix August 12, 2004
The ultimate word; it can be verb, adjective, noun, or preposition. However, it cannot be an adverb. It functions well to stop a sentence right there and then, too.
Malix: I'm going to go see.... yes.
Atolm: btw, that was very... yes.
Malix: I'll be... yes.
Atolm: Yes.
by Malix August 12, 2004
The recommended footwear of any gray elven lady who "appreciates the beauty in everything" looking to pull moon elf. Also the ultimate stomping footwear, although it usually goes by its more descriptive name, "kinky thigh high leather b00ts with zips the size of France and tassels for personal pleasure."
Lothriel walks into the Tavern.

Arcadia looks at Lothriel.

Arcadia says, with a glance at her footwear, "Very nice... I bet you get the attention of all the men... and women..."
by Malix August 12, 2004
A metaphor used to emphasis a situation that you just couldn't see coming. Often followed up by the phrase "You just can't see 'em coming."
Malix: Nope, he just A Sploded right there.
Atolm: Like monkeys in the dark with pens...
Malix: *sighs* You just can't see 'em coming.
by Malix August 12, 2004
Atolm's ultimate "Ok, what the hell are they all about" phrase. Also the phrase used my monkeys that are on your shoulder. They wear a fez and say "0.ok, 0.ok"
Malix: Go!!! Go my folding-chair army!!! SPLINTER THOSE FOOLS!!!!
Atolm: 0.ok
TiD: Hehe
by Malix August 12, 2004
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