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3 definitions by MaliceBliss

The process of inserting the end of a finger, generally the index finger, into another person's navel and wriggling it about.
Wendy squealed as Bob Navel Raped her, giving a ticklish sensation to her belly with the wriggling finger.
by MaliceBliss November 07, 2003
115 56
A auipped remark one makes in jest to a friend after they commit some foolish action.
In jest, Lysander dubbed Bob an assmuppet for his clumsiness which rendered him on his rear when he walked blindly into a pole.
by MaliceBliss November 07, 2003
12 3
Both Awesome and Excellent. This is a Faeism.
The Fae Spwarked ebulliently as she put on her awesollent duck billed platypus shirt and foamed with joy.
by MaliceBliss August 22, 2005
6 7