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A being thought up by people thousands of years ago because they couldn't think what could have created everything. Has sinse been scientifically proven not to exist hundreds if not thousends of times, but large amounts of people still beleave in him/her. Also started one of, if not the richest business on the planet: the church.
A false elusion some people go to if they feel lonely, or sad in any way, and never actually recover because of him.
A way in which nearly every parent blackmails their children to behave.
A way to keep the masses from 'sinning' so they dont go to 'hell' after death.
Often causes serious mental illnesses. people being obsessed with the idea of his existence, and they diteriate into insanity.
Some wacko: God is real.
Some one with an IQ higher than room temerature: Riiiight, what kind of reality do you live in?
by Maleficius December 23, 2006

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