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Proper Noun.  

The best character on the popular web series Red versus Blue. This character is found wearing light red (pink) armor, and also sporting the alter-ego "00 Donut" or, "Agent D00nut". He can be seen flying around on a jet pack saving the princess from the evil goblin in this form. He is also known as, but not limited to; Franklin Donut, Private Biscuit, Lieutenant McMuffin, Commander Pop N' Fresh (With Golden, Flakey crust!), Major Cinnamon Buns (Contains buttery goodness.), Corporal Croissandwich, and Admiral Buttercrust. All of the above (except Franklin) names are said by Donut's great freind Caboose. But one question still remains... Is Donut really a she?
The wise words of D00nut, "Thrill or be thrilled!"
by Maledin November 29, 2004

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