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for one man to penetrate another man anally and perform fellatio on him at the same time.
Steve: Man, did you see Billy Tony Romo the hell out of Brandon yesterday?

Jake: Why yes I did see that, what a hideous display of homosexuality.
by Malbojia April 07, 2010
Pronoun, Transitive Verb, Adjective, or Verb;

The act of dressing up your partner to look like a thirteen year old boy/girl, committing unlawful sexual acts with that partner then fleeing the country in which the act was committed.
Brandon: Holy shit! Did you hear what Tosh did to his girlfriend?

Billy: No.

Brandon: We were all out drinking last Tuesday, and I think he might of pulled a Roman Polanski on her. I haven't seen him at work since...

Billy: My gosh! Well that explains the braggadocios phone calls from France, but not his absence from work.

France director sex molestation pervert pedophile Rosemary's Baby The Pianist The Ghost Writer Charlie Manson Tony Romo
by Malbojia September 20, 2010
Noun. a sudden influx of spending at the beginning of every month.
Jesus. "Hey Juan, what are you going to do to stimulate the Chicanomy?"
Juan. "I dunno, maybe take my Honda Civic for a Chicanowash"
by Malbojia July 16, 2012

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