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Adj |sluh-me|

A state of low, undignified quality; the result of slumlords occupying a single space, or slummin for too long.
"You're smoking that rain gutter water soaked cigarette? That's slummy as shit."

"The couch has been pretty slummy since Mike blacked out and peed on it."
#slummin #slumy #slummy #slumlord #intoxicated
by MalachiCon576 December 18, 2011
Verb |sl-uh-min|

To be under the influence of any/all drugs available with no regard to dignity or integrity, all while trying to: avoid tasks, accomplish tasks, or socialize.

The lower one sinks the harder they are slummin.
"Naw, I didn't finish that paper: I was slummin hard last night."

"There was no way I can show up to help I've been slummin way too long today."

"I don't care if I don't know anyone there, I'm slummin it up anyways."
#slumin #slumlord #slumming #slummer #intoxicated
by MalachiCon576 December 18, 2011
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