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While sometimes regarded as a "Side-Effect" of drinking PowerThirst, it is, in actuality, a Crystal Meth induced ability to Emit, or Blast Out prismatic Cheetahs/Leopards (depending on the user, and extent of use) from the Chest or Groin regions.

The Many-Colored Felines travel with such force that even Andre the Giant would have no Hope of withstanding the Impact.
"Alright bitch, empty the register, or I will hump-cat your brown ass!"

"Dude, I'm so fucking methed-out, I think I'm gonna start hump-catting!"

"And then, out of nowhere... Boosh! He fuckin' hump-catted me and stole my wallet!"
by Malachi Tate July 10, 2008
A southern Slang for a person's Head. Only used as reference to the Brain Container, not for the Terminal point of the Penis Shaft.
"And so then, I drilled him right in the back of his mater."

"Jesus, dude, Move your massive fucking mater out of the way!"
by Malachi Tate July 10, 2008

The Fiery Underworld.


Usually a term used by White people, or, "Crackers". I suspect it's derogatory.

"I'll see you in Black Heaven, motherfucker!"

"I will miss you, Martel, but I know you're better off down there in Black Heaven."

by Malachi Tate July 10, 2008
A variant of Slain. Feels either Very Southern, or very Ancient Norseman.
"And His thirst could be neither Slaked, nor Slarn."
by Malachi Tate March 26, 2009

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