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A decent Perth-based, Australian band that holds onto their fans by releasing a poppy song on every album and managing to convince people that they're still "indie", while in reality, they're as mainstream as kesha with about as much genuine musical talent as a speak-and-spell.
BOT fan who thinks s/he's hipster: hey, you heard this new band? they're pretty good but you've probably never heard of them
*offers earplug*
sane person: That's Birds of Tokyo and this shits been flooding the radio for ages
BOT fan: no, these guys are way to indie to be on the radio
sane person: dude, STFU, there's nothing wrong with listening to the mainstream but don't act like a hipster just because you think it makes you cool, just stop acting like a prick and go back to listening to the TOP 40.
by Mal1c10us October 18, 2011

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