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1 definition by Makywi

Also known as The Nordic Paris. An awesome city in the north of Norway. Its awesome inhabitants endures freezing winds and wet summers, but is rewarded with mild winters and simply getting to be awesome. In the winter, the sun never rises, but in the summer it never sets! Also, it is one of the places in the world with the most awesome northern lights. If you want awesomeness, go to Tromsø!

(If you have ever had bad experiences with norwegians before, they were almost certainly from the capital Oslo and not from the awesome city of Tromsø.)
1. Oh man, that guy is awesome! I'll bet he's from Tromsø!

2. Why would you want to go to Oslo? It sucks in comparison to Tromsø!

3. I wish I could be from Tromsø and be awesome...
by Makywi December 18, 2010