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The Senior Aura is an ability granted to high school seniors to be able to walk through crowds of lower classmen without having the senior to move around the group or to force the senior to get through. This ability should not be abused by seniors and should be exercised with caution. This ability should never ever be performed by fellow seniors.

Also, black people are immune to this ability for obvious reasons.
Steven is walking down the hallway and sees a group of freshmen walking towards him. He is by himself, but he does not fear the larger group in front of him. He knows that he can simply use his Senior Aura in order to get through. As soon as he takes the initiative, the group of freshmen gradually move out of the way for him much like the miracle at the Red Sea performed by Moses.
by Makola September 04, 2007
Suppable is a term used to describe a girl you find attractive; attractive enough such that you might want to get with this person.

Its main use is for describing a female who is worthy of a male to stop everything else he is doing so he can greet her with a simple, "Sup."
Steven saw a cute chick pass by and said,"Sup."
Allen, his friend, comments, "Yeah, she's suppable."
by Makola May 18, 2010

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