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A souped-up truck, generally with huge tires and a body that is raised. Small Penis Trucks tend to be candy apple red, but can vary in color as well. You can also tell a Small Penis Truck from a normal truck by the fact that the paint is shiny, waxed and has no scratches, this truck is obviously not being utilized any type of truck uses. If the truck looks as bright and shiny as fingernail polish, this is a dead giveaway.

The Small Penis Truck gets its name from the owners of said vehicles. This type of truck is almost always owned by men who are compensating for the small size of their own genitalia. These men have a complex often referred to as Penis Envy. Because there is nothing they can do in order to increase the size of their own genitals, they attempt to show their manhood in other ways. Owning a giant, jacked up truck somehow, in their own minds, makes up for their like of penis size.

These owners of Small Penis Trucks are often dangerous as many of them feel that that they must constantly defend their manhood in violent ways. They are looking for ways to be manly. This can result in road rage, insulting others, starting fights and claiming that women that ignore them "must be lesbians".

This condition can only be cured if these men are mocked mercilessly. To help them, you should point and laugh at their trucks. Hopefully this will get through to them that the truck doesn't make up for their penis inferiority complex.
"Check out that guy. He must feel inferior about his manliness because he's driving a Small Penis Truck.
by Mako34 August 16, 2011
Already defined, but additional information is needed.

This is generally utilized by mindless people who don't think for themselves and therefore simply repeat the statements of others. It involves zero intelligence and simple following of what your professors taught you. It's the opposite of free thinking and rebellion.
The Human Microphones simply repeated mindlessly the people egging them on without thinking for themselves. They aren't too bright.
by Mako34 October 19, 2011

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