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The relieved feeling experienced when someone really annoying signs-out of an IM program; such as MSN Messenger, AIM, IRC, etc.
"The euphoric feeling of neuropitathabergast set in when Kayla logged off MSN"
by Mako January 22, 2005
The act of moving on to a new page of a notebook after deciding that the next section of school notes will not fit on the remainder of the current page.
"With only four lines left to his current page, Jeff decided to tamoonge his notes."
by Mako January 22, 2005
I wish I was cute, but instead I'm perfect. ^_^
by Mako November 06, 2003
1: A Tetris piece

2: A group consisting of four parts
1: "Argh, stupid 'L' tetrad, where's that bar tetrad!"

2: "Hey, this tetrad of pies looks good. I think I'll eat the apple one first."
by Mako April 29, 2005
lord spikyninja.
mako you're so sexual *smooch*
by mako April 26, 2003
The noise commonly associated with the kitty face, as used by mako during Counter-Strike matches with clan Equipoise after especially good/farcical play.
keke :3
by mako April 26, 2003

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