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Well it would seem that everyone thinks being a "greebo", "townie", "chav" or "goth" is very important, if i'm a greebo (and judging by most of this tripe i am) then a greebo is a creative person who doesn't enjoy having the crap kicked out of them. surly that just makes me a creative person who doesn't like violence? greebo is one of those terms like "chav" that are completly meaningless.
anyone "what the hell is a greebo?"

anyone else "its a b.s. term used to describe someone you can't describe"

anyone "oh really?"

anyone else "does it matter?"

Everyone "NO!"
#crap #bullshit #splatter #spit #cock fight
by Makeshiftfill June 27, 2006
Blumphing (to blumph)

To recive oral sex while dropping the evil brown.

(getting head while shitting)
"hey dude, do you know what Blumphing is?"

"yeah, getting a blowjob while taking a shit!"
#oral #suck #blow #head #gobjob
by Makeshiftfill June 27, 2006
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