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n. United States anchorman located in Cincinnati, Ohio at WXIX (Fox 19) from 1993-present. JackAtherton was born in Morristown, New Jersey. He attended school at Yale and Columbia University for his degree in law.

Practiced law in New York City for seven years, while also writing classical music, doing book reviews and doing editorial drawings for the New York Times!

Married to Aymsley and has two daughters. Currently resides in Cincinnati, Ohio and is part of Fox 19's "10 O'clock News."

General good guy that is so audacious in his delivery of the news, he cannot be taken seriously. Believed to be the person who the character "Ron Burgundy" from the 2004 Will Ferrell movie, "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy" is based off of.


1. spirited and original

2. cocky and jovial at the same time

3. better than you
I'm Jack Atherton and my favorite number is thir-twelve! I'm Jack Atherton!

I'm Jack Atherton and I am a world-reknowned Barbie Doll collector. Soccer Mom Barbie is easily my most prized posession. Complete with her old high school cheerleading megaphone, minivan in "Robin Egg Blue," and a cooler filled with doughnuts and fruit punch, my mint one retails for more than Delaware is worth. I'm Jack Atherton!

1. unfashionable and boring

2. displeasing to the eye; unsightly

3. a. repulsive or offensive
b. rude
c. unmanageable. Use of cows and horses
4. morally reprehensible; bad

n. Truids

group of bitches, that are usually ugly and have some form of urine, blood, fecal matter, or semen on their bodies
Last night this girl was so truid, so I left the party early.

That girl is too truid for me; maybe if I was drunk.
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