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The total opposite of A Game. If you bring your A Game you WILL succeed, bringing Z Game guarantees total faliure.
"Dude did Dom get her number?"

"Na, man, not this time"

"Why not?

"To get her's you gotta bring your A game! Forget B, C or D game. He brought his Z Game!"
by MakaveLee June 11, 2007
A cock treader is someone who steals girls from another guy, usually (but not always) just to piss the other guy off.
"Dom picked up this hot girl in the club, and was convinced that he staying at her place tonight, but I totally trod on his cock and now Dom is going home alone! I didn't even like that skank bitch!"

Guy #1 "Dude I finally had the balls to ask her out for a drink, and she said yes!"

Guy #2 "Damn shes hot, i might just have to have her for myself!"

Guy #1 "Man you're such a cock treader!"
by MakaveLee June 19, 2007
Foreplay Transmitted Disease. Similar to an STD, but the particular disease is transmitted via simple foreplay.
Guy #1 "Dude Dom's in the hospital!"

Guy #2 "Why man what happened?"

Guy #1 "He went and got an FTD! He was messing around with that skank that he met in the club and he caught an herpes off of her... all she did was touch his cock!"
by MakaveLee June 21, 2007

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