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To try, unsuccessfully, to talk like someone from the ghetto
"Yo, what is up, my dogs?"
"Shut up, and stop hizzlechizzlin'!"
by Makana McDonald July 13, 2005
7h3 5u65717u710n 0f num63r5 f0r l3773r5, 45 1n 7h15 53n73nc3. The difference between numspeak and 1337speak is that numspeak simply involves substituting numbers for letters in otherwise gramatically correct english, whereas 1337speak also incorporates lots of internet slang terminology.
1337speak: 0MFG! U ju57 g07 pwn3d by my h34d5h07! 1 4m 73h 13377357 h3x0r 1n t3h w0r1d!

numspeak: 1ncr3d1613! 1 ju57 k1113d y0u 6y pr0j3c71ng 4 6u1137 7hr0ugh y0ur h34d w17h my gun! 1 4m f41r1y g00d 47 7h15 g4m3!
by Makana McDonald January 09, 2006
Someone who's thirty years of age or older, but still acts like an AZN. (Say it out loud if you don't get it already.)
!!eY aLl MiE AZN pEoPlEs; hoLLah!wE gOn bE AZN tYl wE DyE, aNd i'M HALF WAY THEIR!!
by Makana McDonald August 08, 2005
pronounced "leet-PONE-zor"

1. Adjective attributed to an extremely accurate and/or brutal shot in an FPS.

2. Noun used to describe a person capable of making such shots.
Damn! He just got a triple kill with that rocket launcher! Totally 1337pwnxor!

Who, BruteMech62? Yeah, that dude is one hell of a 1337pwnxor, man.
by Makana McDonald January 02, 2006
To punch or kick someone in the mouth
"This guy was tryin' to mug me the other day, so I toothached him and ran like hell!"
by Makana McDonald August 09, 2005

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