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One whose goal is to con money out of others by using a combination of deception, talent, and straight coercion, combined with the game of billiards, to take advantage of susceptible players.
Mac had been pool sharking for only two days, and he already had enough cash to buy that new Rolex.
by Majuju July 09, 2003
Pounding bass frequencies at regular or irregular intervals in a piece of music. Often timed to changes in dance motions, or light-show action. Calculated frequency is expressed as beats per minute.
The pounding beats moved him to dance.
by Majuju July 09, 2003
One who, through a combination of skill and conning tactics, is able to coerce card players into senses of false security, then easily defeat them and earn large amounts of money. Also known as card sharp. See pool shark
I lost $1200 to that card shark. And I thought I had the upper hand...
by Majuju July 09, 2003
Dehydrated ice cream, which most people think is terribly un-tasty, but is actually delicious. It's the wave of the future, too! Astronauts eat it, and astronauts can't be wrong!
I love that tasty space food.
by Majuju July 11, 2003
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