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A shit-ass store for wannabe little kids who can't afford Abercrombie and Fitch. Their shirts are painfully colorful to look at, their jeans are unflattering and grungy, their shoes are cheap shit that fall apart in a few weeks. Q.E.D., Aeropostale is a shitty little store that the poor kids practically glorify, because they think it makes them look Prep. Guess what? It doesn't. Abercrombie and AE are the cool teen trend stores, the official "Prep" style of middle and high-schoolers. Essentially, Abercrombie and AE sell clothing for fit people because that's who they want wearing their clothes. It puts off a good image, rather than having obese, penny-scrounging children wearing your company's clothes.

IN CONCLUSION, Aeropostale is a kiddie, kiss-ass, wannabe version of a suave, smooth, "prep"-styled store. ( A&F , abercrombie , Hollister , American Eagle , Ralph Lauren , etc.)
Aeropostale: Flashy, childish clothing. A fucking waste of your time. Unimpressive, immature, and a stand-up joke to people who can appreciate flattering clothing.
by Majoress September 26, 2010
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