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One of those great one-hit wonder bands from the seventies that creates some spectacular achievement is music then fades away. The lead singer was in five different band throughout the seventies, each one creating a one-hit wonder, he was called a singer-for-hire.
Love Grows is one kick ass song but nobody remembers it. It's in the end of shallow hal. Edison lighthouse, what a weird name.
by Major_Crane 82nd Squadron RAF October 11, 2004
It most certainly is not used in Australia and Great Britain, Rodney, it is used by Canadians to punctuate everything they say.
"Hey Terrance, it's aboot the coldest durn day I've seen in a long time, eh?"

"That's becuase your drunk Tristan."

"Me? a Canadian? Drunk? noooo, never"
The greatest air force in the world, except the USAF. The RAF is a highly trained group of pilots respected accross the world.
Name's Nigel Stokes, 82nd squaron RAF wot? wot?

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