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Similar to the cunt punt, but during sex. Get her in the mood and start to 'do' her. Preferably over a balcony or something of the like. Then unexpectedly pull out and yell "THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!" and Leonidas kick her, sending her flying.
IM GONNA CUM! THIS IS SPARTA!!!! *kicks Mary off balcony*..heheh The 300 style on that hoe.
by Major Rio November 30, 2007
Do your chick in the ass then pull it out and use her own shit to make sideburns on her face.
Bill: Hey Greg did you fuck Mary yet?

Greg: Hell yeah! I even gave that bitch The Dirty Elvis *thumbs up*
by Major Rio November 30, 2007
The Dirt Bike Strictly for pros. This is when you have the girl on all fours, and you grab her wrists and pull her arms out while she is spraying diarrhea out (thus giving the image of you riding a dirt bike).
Craig: Hey Jim how'd the date with Kelley go?

Jim: Oh it was great but then we did the Dirt Bike on my bed and um,well I need new sheets now.
by Major Rio November 30, 2007

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