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2 definitions by Major M K

British saying, mainly from Lancashire where we have the tendancy to miss out letters. Derived from "Fucking Hell."

Same goes with "Fucking 'eck."
"Oh fucking 'ell I can't find me bastard keys."
by Major M K December 21, 2006
Combining "Gay" and "Eighties."
Used to describe the OTT fashion, music and lifestyle of the eighties, which now would be considered "Gay." Similar to that of todays "Metrosexual."
Music usually played in 80's themed bars and gay clubs. Often found at wedding receptions.
Dave: Put some Gayties music on
Michael: How about some Dolly Parton?
Dave: Or Duran Duran?
Michael: Camp it right up!
Dave: I'll get me Parachute Pants then.
Michael: And I'll get my eyeliner and Pete Burns wig
by Major M K January 17, 2007