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Within the context of the cube farm workplace.

All the minions in the cube farm rise up quickly and peer out at a disturbance.

When seen as a group your co-workers look like a group of praire dog rodents coming out of their holes
When Jenny announced she was knocked up all the engineers started praire dogging in their cubes.
by Major Kong February 25, 2007
A temporary worker from out of town.

Typically one who seeks out these kind of assignments exclusively.

In engineering and constuction road whores seek out and find massive bonuses, high pay rates, hazardous duty pay, per diem, housing allowances and any form of premium renumeration or juice
Suit: "How soon can you make good on that bullshit proposal you submitted?"
Engineering Manager:"Tommorrow if you have the kind of juice to pay a bunch of Road Whores to come in and finish the design"
Suit: "Great maybe you can complete the work before they all drag up this time"
Engineering Manager:" If you want that we'll have to gross up per diem"
Suit: " Yeah right!"
by Major Kong February 25, 2007
(1) One step beyond casual friday - Going to work unwashed in dirty clothes
(2) A work place dominated by unclean, unwashed co-workers
(3) A remote work location such as Alaska
Jimmy: "Have you been out to the field office?"
Jack: " Yeah it's totally hygiene optional with that crew - especially the chick"
Jimmy: "What are you talking about - she has most of her teeth"
Jack: "Yeah - in a JAR!"
by Major Kong February 25, 2007
The act of dramatically quitting your worthless job and telling your boss how you really feel about things.

Immortalized in the 1981 song “Take this Job and Shove It” Written and by redneck artist David Allen Coe and performed by country western idol Johnny Paycheck.

In the construction industry a full Johnny Paycheck is punctuated by forcefully throwing your hardhat or a half full beer bottle at the boss.

Variation: "You can't fire me - I quit!!!

See dragging up
Ironworker #1: "Did you see Jim Earl this afternoon?"
Ironworker #2: "Yeah man he had a liquid lunch and did a Johnny Paycheck down at the main office"
Welder #1 "He threw a beer at that cocksucker from quality assurance and sent him to the hospital"
Ironworker #1"I'll have to buy the man beer!"
by Major Kong February 25, 2007
Additional pay given to offset the tax impact of premium pay packages.

Typically per diem and other expenses may be subject to taxation after certain time limits.

Some enlightened employers Gross Up these benefits to prevent road whores from dragging up

Caution: Never accept pay for rent without a Gross Up allowance.
Field Engineer #1:"I'm dragging up to go to Mississippi with those welders"
Field Engineer #2:"Talk to those assholes in a accounting - they gross up per diem after the one year mark"
Field Engineer #1: "Sweet"
by Major Kong February 25, 2007
Any Friday you work when you were promised a the day off. You fell like you are in prison and listen to Johnny Cash prison songs all day.

The inverse of Bon Jovi Friday
They said this job would be four tens but now I'm working four tens and Johnny Cash Fridays!
by Major Kong October 05, 2009
Financial Term: Premium renumeration, bonuses, gross up, per diem, free flights home. Sign on bonuses, completion bonuses, furniture.

Whatever it take to get the working man to take on the shitty jobs and keep the suits careers on track.
Engineer #1:"Are you going to Alaska?"
Engineer #2:"Sure if the juice is right - I cleaned up last time!"
by Major Kong February 25, 2007
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