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a reference to an itty bitty penis
I heard from Virginia that David has a tic tac.
by Major JMC July 03, 2006
a white person who acts like a redneck but also tries to act black
Jonathan is a big redneck wigga because he wears tall tees but he loves nascar.
by Major Jmc July 08, 2006
when you go to a friend's house, go to their backyard, take a huge dump on the ground, preferably under a deck... then cover it with bird seed to give it a good look
Big Jon came to my house the other day just to give me a bird seed splatter.
by Major JMC July 05, 2006
when you take a girl out to eat, buy her a gift, and then she dont give no play.
David took Danielle out to eat but all he got was a brookneal cheesecake.
by Major JMC July 04, 2006
when you take a dump and the crap is very green and looks earthy and murky
i took a dump and it looked like turtle spinach
by Major JMC July 05, 2006
when you take a girl to long john silvers, then go to hechts and buy her a pair of sunglasses, then you say bye to the girl and she hugs you
I'm goin out this week after work and i'm gonna get a Brookneal Cheesecake from Rebecca
by Major JMC July 02, 2006

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