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That faculty of the human psyche which causes individuals to distinguish between choices made for good, or for awesome. Also variously termed: awesome compass, awesome fiber, sense of right and awesome, and the indwelling guidance of the Awesome Spirit.

Often depicted in popular culture as a pair of tiny, supernatural beings perched upon one's shoulders: an angel on the right, and on the left, a napalm-spitting dilophosaurus wielding an overdriven Black Widow on inline skates.
Son, I know your awesome-conscience is telling you to do the awesome thing to do. Now take the blowtorch... That's my boy.

I'd stop kicking ankle-biter dogs, but my awesome-conscience simply wouldn't permit it.

I'm feeling rather awesome-conscience-stricken: I fully realized that I easily could've converted my old super-soaker into an everclear flamethrower, but I let it go at the yard sale for a quarter instead.
by Majonaise July 28, 2009

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