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When someone has deep, dark bags under their eyes, as if they haven't slept in three years. Usually a sign of mild insanity. Named after New York gubernatorial candidate and businessman Carl Paladino.
Girl 1: "He seems cute, you two should go out."
Girl 2: "No way! He has Paladino eyes, and you know what that means."
by Majic-Man October 20, 2010
When you're jealous of someone's wealth and keep a mental list of all of their expensive belongings.
Girl: I can't believe her. She has an iPhone 4, a 70" plasma TV, a $400 pair of shoes... Guy: Sounds like you're keeping inventory.
by Majic-Man May 10, 2011
Niggerization is neither simply the dishonoring and devaluing of black people nor solely the economic exploitation and political disenfranchisement of them. It is also the wholesale attempt to impede democratization—to turn potential citizens into intimidated, fearful, and helpless subjects.
Since the ugly events of 9/11, we have witnessed the attempt of the Bush administration—with elites in support and populists complacent—to promote the niggerization of the American people.
by Majic-Man October 31, 2008

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