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Usually refering to pie or Mongolian carpenters named Stu.

Amazingly good

"Holy crap! Thats amazingly PIETASTIC!"
by Majic Karlos March 12, 2004
1.You stounge when you do the pachanga thing and go right to the zee

2.A term for dominos
"Stop being such a stounge you stoungin' peice of stounge."

"Wanna go stounge tomorrow stoungemasta tibia!"
by Majic Karlos March 17, 2004
Pretty much the same definitions as cool, awsome, or sweet
"Dude thats so FROZEN CAT FETUS!"

"My moose is hella FROZEN CAT FETUS"

"Man Sven, thats so not FROZEN CAT FETUS. Fuckin' looser"
by Majic Karlos March 12, 2004
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