2 definitions by Majestade

It's a radical doggy style. The principle is the same, but requires a long hair dame. You ride her and when she's really close scream you got AIDS! She'll be kicking and jumping just like a rodeo bull.
She: Ho, baby i'm cumming!!!!!Ho my god...
You: sorry babe...i got AIDS!
She: you fu**ing bastard, get out...let me go...(Kicks and Jumps...)
you: yeah! i'm Riding the rodeo bull !!!

by Majestade February 15, 2008
When you don't have nothing useful to say...
it's a very generic expression that you can use when you don't have nothing useful to say and you want the other person to smile!
Alif: I really think best porn actress is Jenna Jameson
Majestade: allow me to say it's not! i believe petite Kobe Tai is clearly the most gifted!
Damasio: Er...triki triki
by Majestade February 15, 2008

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