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Majdi - (n) - "mahjdee"; also known as "maj" Majdi is a name given to super-awesome-guys that drive toyota supra's and are chemists by trade. They are usually about 6'2" and 225 pounds. They can be found in their natural habitat in Montgomery county maryland. They ARE EXTREMELY NOT GAY!! and have NEVER shown any indication of being that. They have been known to speak in rhyme and are extremely funny. Their diet includes Cake, Sugar, Chipotle, and crispy chicken McSandwhiches. They belong to tribes of Arab people from the Middle East who are very needy and require much of this specie's time and effort. They like to dance badly and listen to 311 music. Similar species have been found in different area's of the world. Some say Majdi's resemble Jason Biggs' and Goofy.
I majdi'd that shit the other day.
#awesome #supra #chocolate #cake #jessica alba #nerd
by Maj. Pain June 05, 2006
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