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2 definitions by MaineChallengedOne

A golden opportunity for shopping. When the opportunity for shopping arises at the same time as you find a parking space in front of the store and you have plenty of cash.
Marty was thrilled when the confluence of parking space, cash-in-hand, sale, and time created a shopportunity at the local kitchen store. She knew that her shopping was meant to be!
by MaineChallengedOne January 26, 2008
6 4
To ruin while supposedly renovating an old item such as an antique or an old house.
The ruinivation of the 1940s pristine bathroom was complete when Sam bought a new sink and plywood vanity at the local builder's supply store. He replaced the original, heavy, but authentic, porcelain pedestal sink, thereby ruinivating the bathroom.
by MaineChallengedOne January 26, 2008
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